Woman of Strength

Online Formation Program for Catholic Married Women


Experience Joy and Intimacy in Your Marriage 

Despite the challenges that come with your spouse's addiction. 


Doors open in January 2024.

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You don't want your husband's addiction to take over your marriage any more. You know your marriage should, and could be, more than what it is. You want to experience trust, joy and intimacy again. 


You want to support him, but can't find any good Catholic resources to help guide you. You've scoured the internet and found some information, but it feels scattered and doesn't give you a practical step-by-step process.


You want to be generous but you feel empty. You need a safe and supportive place for you to share your hurt, process your struggles, and be filled again.

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About Me 

My name is Rita Taylor and 7 years ago, I was devastated by my husband's addictions to alcohol and pornography.

I had no formation on how to manage myself and set healthy boundaries, and I had no community or mentorship to help guide me. I was anxious and felt completely alone.

God has since taken me through a series of deep and intense learnings and healings that have led to the most awe-inspiring transformations, both in myself and in my husband. 

We now have a thriving marriage filled with prayer, joy, honesty and intimacy. People keep mistaking us for newlyweds! It still feels like a dream to see him chasing God and taking his role as the Spiritual Leader of our family with joy and intentionality. 

I know what is possible for you! But I also know the grief and isolation that comes with a spouse's addiction AND I am painfully aware of the lack of resources out there. That is why I am creating this community and formation program, so that you don't have to do this alone. I will teach you the very same tools and lessons that have led to the rich emotional and spiritual life my husband and I now share.

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What is the 'Woman of Strength' Program?

No, it's not like anything else out there. 
This program connects the Teachings of the Church on Marriage and Grace with the Science of Psychology to ground you in a life of Virtue.
Based on real-life experience; its not just theoretical information but practical application.
Formation and Mentorship

No more mix and matching random information from the internet. You can learn directly from me and my experience instead of trying to figure it out alone. This program will take you step-by-step through the same learning that transformed my husband and I's marriage. 

Privacy and Confidentiality

Knowing who to share your struggles with can be tricky. The beauty of this program is that it is private and confidential. No social media and Facebook groups where strangers (or even friends and family) can see your struggles. This program is just for you, for your own personal use, and it's accessible to you whenever you need it.

Catholic Approach

Marriage is sacred and it deserves to be treated as such. My promise to you is that this program will protect the sacramentality of your relationship and help you tap into the special graces that are available to you, and your husband, through it. 

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Hear a little bit more about me and why I am passionate about helping other faithful Catholic women heal and grow through their husband's addictions: 

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What this program provides

Signature Program

A step-by-step signature program designed specifically to help Catholic women find joy and freedom in their marriage, and develop intimacy through growth in virtue and a deeper understanding of how grace works.

BONUS Deep Dive Series (coming soon)

Access to all new teachings that are uploaded to the membership site that will allow you to dive more deeply into specific areas of need.
Some trainings that are upcoming over the next year are: Breaking Habitual Relational Patterns, Developing a Secure Relationship with God, Catholic Understanding of Addiction, and SO MUCH MORE!

Downloadable Resources

Various downloadable handouts and worksheets that will both accelerate and deepen your learning.
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Check out my 5-part series on the Mechanics of Virtue.   

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